I don’t even know what just happned. I’m thinking about suing.

I went to a major, but cheap, chain restaurant out on Pacific Beach this morning. There is a grocery store nearby where I have noticed the absolute dreamiest, hunkiest, young man who has been working there for some time. So every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (I know his schedule well) I go for breakfast and will usually sit through and eat lunch as well (ahhhh the benefits of being on disability! LOL) as I take a table by the window so I can watch this young man work. And to be totally upfront, I am able to fantasize about what I think our lives would be like together.  There is a single table in the corner where I can pull my mobility device up and turn the seat so I don’t have to get up and either embarrassingly squeeze into a booth or risk breaking a chair. So far this has not been a problem and the management knows me and respects me as a good customer–they should–they often get 6-10 meals a week out of me.

Today there was some chippy little BITCH and her horrible children sitting at my table when I showed up at my standard time, about 9:30 or so. The hostess who knows me well said something like “I’m sorry Simon, but they should be finishing up soon.” I was more than a little perturbed because I certainly feel like that should keep that table open for me on the three days I come to eat and watch my dream boy. I responded politely “well, how long will I have to wait?” She said “not long, I can seat you at another table until they finish up.” I responded to that, again in my nicest voice possible “I’m already sitting, aren’t I?”

Well minutes passed, that turned into 10 minutes and then 20 and I noticed that the little chippy was just staring out the window, obviously finished eating while letting her children color. I had enough of this garbage as I knew dream boy was already working and I was missing him carry groceries to the cars parked along the street. I went up to her and said “excuse me, you are sitting in my table.” Of course, this “pretty” girl who had probably never been called on her privilege looked shocked at her rudeness being pointed out. Because I was so irate I am not positive what she said but it was something like “I’m waiting for my husband and I can’t get in touch with him…I’m really sorry.”

Me: “Well can you move?”

Of course no response as she stared out the window like a complete dolt. The kids then squeezed close to their mom because no doubt they have been warned about “fat gay monsters” their entire lives.

Me: “excuse me, can  you move?”

This is where the story gets really dicey. There were two Navy officers sitting at the table next to her (Father is a retired Navy Captain so I know the difference between enlisted and officers–one of these was a Commander, the other an Ensign). The older of the two spoke up and said extremely rudely, with obvious hate in their voice “leave her alone”

Me: “She has been in my seat long enough, thank you and I have business I need to attend to”‘

Officer: “There are plenty of other open tables” (I am pretty sure he mumbled under his breath “you fat bald queer”)

Me: “I have an agreement with the management, that is my table”

I’m not exactly sure what he said next but it might as well have been “get out of here you fucking fat ass fag before we beat the shit out of you” but I took the higher road to ignore the bullying and begin to ignore them and turned my attention to the chippy.

Me: “Can you please move, I’ve said it a couple times, you are in my table”

Chippy, now feigning tears because the “big fat gay monster” is “harassing” her responded with some absolute garbage about being worried about her husband.

Just then the younger Navy officer appeared to be lunging at me from his chair so I let out firm but polite “don’t you come anywhere near me, or I will call the police.” Hearing my warning he instead went to get the manager, who I thought I knew very well, who asked me what the problem was. I told him straightforward that this chippy was in my seat and that I was being harassed for being gay by the two Navy officers.

Now get this. The manager then said “Simon, we have a problem with you every time you come in here. I am asking you to leave an not come back” I told him I would absolutely not leave to which he said he would call the police.

Well after some choice words for all three parties I decided to leave, but they are so screwed. As soon as I get this off my chest I am calling an attorney specializing in gay rights and will be suing both this restaurant chain and the US Navy for: harassment, threats of violence, violations of my civil rights, denying me patronage at a business because of my sexuality and verbal assault.


8 thoughts on “I don’t even know what just happned. I’m thinking about suing.

    1. loveandangryandfats Post author

      I am most decidedly a gay man and if I see a young man who catches my fancy, I will certainly be attracted to him. It is honestly just a fantasy thing because I am just not a fan of physical contact with other people. So in practice I am asexual.


  1. fuck

    (ahhhh the benefits of being on disability! LOL)

    Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Disability is not for fat people to be lazy. I hope you get murdered.


  2. JImmy Fenton

    As a fellow morbidly obese man, I am outraged.

    No business – including restaurants – should be able to refuse nourishment to customers, especially to those who really need them. Think of the uproar if you refuse food to a starving child. How come no one is protesting this?

    You should contact ACLU. They usually take up cases like this. There are instances ( Elane Photography v. Willock, New Mexico) where court has rules a business cannot refuse service to someone because they are gay. So why not gay & morbidly obese?


    1. loveandangryandfats Post author

      Sadly the only attorney who did call me back said that I probably don’t have a case because in his words they did not refuse me service because they did have a handicapped accessible seat (per California law) that I chose not to sit at.


  3. thedelightedowl

    I have read a few of your posts and they’re pretty entertaining. Blaming everyone but yourself on your weight gain. Expecting people to move for you and then assuming they’re being homophobic (actually no, they’re not, they’re trying to understand what makes you more privileged that you get reserved seating) and the ‘threatening’ to sue (aka a temper tantrum out of embaressement because you didnt get your way), writing an entire blog post berating your parents (sure your dad gave your siblings $$$$ but YOU HAD YOUR GODDAM RENT PAID FOR, FOR 6 YEARS. I bet if you’re mother secretly gave you $1000 6 years ago, and all of a sudden your dad did today, you would scream UNFAIR), whining about people being uncomfortable with your ‘fat’ spilling over and touching them on an airplane (ummm its YOUR obesity causing the issue, do you see any of their flab creeping over and caressing your arm???)…. This blog is a whole bunch of “I’m fat and depressed and won’t get healthy and won’t do anything for myself and homophobia homophobia homophobia, blahblahblah, but I’m going to blog about all the injustices i face and blog about the world not accomodating to meet my needs and my needs only”. Dude. You’re 46. Time to stop blaming your parents and whatever else, you THINK is stopping you from being healthy and getting a job and supporting yourself. Step back and read the garbage you post.



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