sad news…

Well as excited as I was about all the page views I got yesterday, I just realized that most of them probably came from a very notorious fat hate reddit sub. There are about a dozen or so that are completely dedicated to fat hate, fag bashing and racism. Whats funny is how they all seem to say the same things you just have to substitute “fat” for “n-word” or “fag” and the words and sentiment are the same. Since I do have quite a bit of time on my hand I do peruse these reddit subs from time to time and I was shocked to see my gay name featured very prominently under the title “Simon J chimes in and talks about stalking a young grocery worker.” So apparently one of the haters had found my blog about my altercation at the restaurant (I actually typed out the name but am really concerned now for my safety so I changed it) the other day and decided that being gay and having a crush on another man was worth spewing radical hatred over (so whenever a gay man likes another obviously gay man, he’s “stalking”).

This of course led to another anxiety attack where I literally could not move because I’ve certainly seen the stories about hate places like these subs and how they dox people to get their personal information and then follow up with massive threats and even some violence. Its actually been in the news about how the gamergate people threatened that poor speaker to stop her from speaking at the very conservative college in Utah. I can only imagine that such threats will be headed my way next. I’ve relaxed a little bit over the last few hours.

Here is what these subs call fat people: planets and beasts–anything but human beings. So its not to big of stretch to think that any one who posts on that sub could turn violent in a heart beat. I have already notified my apartments security force who promised they would call the police and San Diego County Sheriff. I guess I don’t have much to do other than hide out for a while in my apartment where I feel I’m safe from their violence.

Oh to the reddit people leaving hateful comments…I will absolutely not approve them. This is my safe space.


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