More attention from the fat and gay hating reddit boards. Police are not taking me serious

So last night was a busy night for the fat and gay haters on reddit. I was mentioned on both fatlogic and fathate (don’t let the names confuse you, they both deliver solid hatred of fat people and very legitimately sound like the Nazis–meaning this is a fight we must have before fat people are forced onto cattle cars). How they sleep with themselves is beyond me…oh yeah they don’t…they stay up all Friday night creating posts about fat, disabled, mostly helpless gay men.

After calling and calling the firm that has the security contract for my apartment building and getting the idea they were not taking me serious, I called the Sheriff department directly to report that I was being threatened. And again, pretty much got blown off by a dismissive woman who apparently has no problem with me (and all other fat people) being called subhuman terms like “planet” and “beast.” I would love to see how they don’t draw a direct line between hateful terms like that and violence and then step in to stop it. The lady said they have a “right” to say those things? Ohhhhhhhh reeeeeeaaaaaaaaly? A right to threaten me with subhuman terms? This is controversial (it shouldn’t be) but it is high time we revisit the idea that people rights people have to say hurtful and threatening things. That right was written in 1776 by white men who owned slaves who never, ever had to endure a fag or fat bashing. Hey folks, times have changed, its time we take seriously the right of fat and gay people to exist in this world without hate.

As for me, I’ll be fine. I’ve endured and conquered bullying since I was a little kid…mostly at the hands of my Father. Groceries can be delivered, I can get social interaction on the internet and no doubt Mother will call me 30 times to tell me about Father’s health condition (I don’t care), how great Belviq is or how wonderful my little brother and sister are doing because they followed in Father’s footsteps and went in the Navy. Yes we know the family is disappointed in the fat, gay guy who brings shame on our hallowed American name, no need to remind me constantly.


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