Well reddit fathate and reddit fatlogic are going crazy on me today.

So reddit fathate and reddit fatlogic have started at least three topics that are dedicated solely to me today. Here’s one:http://www.reddit.com/r/fatlogic/comments/2kowqd/simon_j_my_thin_friend_who_runs_triathlons/

Again, lovely people, aren’t they? They take a very intelligent post of mind dissect (19 different ways at last count) misconstrue my original point and then take it so the fat-hate is nearly off the charts. One comment (which I think was deleted) said something along the lines of “If I were to see that fat fag Simon J in an alley I would hate rape him…”¬† Yeah. Nice.

So I guess as a fat person, I’m not allowed to remark that is losing control of ones bowels is a sign of EXTREME unhealthyness. Right. I guess I’ll crawl back into my cave and shut the fuck up because I’m not worthy of your society.

I can only guess that my activism to have reddit fathate and reddit fatlogic banned completely are scaring them. That is a good thing.

Another good thing, I now have a great source to show “Roger” (no fathaters that’s not his real name!) the kind of company he keeps when he tells me how “worried” he is about me. Rog…I’m worried about you shitting your pants again, but I don’t have a hateful reddit page to back me up!



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