My war with reddit fatlogic and reddit fathate continues. I am a “troll” now.

One of the most wonderful things about the internet is that it gives people like who have extreme mobility issues a social outlet without having to leave the house. Since my life was threatened a few days ago by people on reddit fatlogic and reddit fathate (one is more aggressive, yet they share 100% of the same posters so it is silly to talk about them as separate entities) I have only left the house to go to my Sunday breakfast with Mother. Other than that I have been inside my house, kind of battening down the hatches, catching up on some netflix, and sending off seemingly hundreds of emails to the SSA about increasing my disability payments. With all that time spent online at places like and I know what a “troll” is. I am not a troll.

But lets be clear that these redditors are not using troll in the way that NORMAL people use it on the internet. i.e. someone who creates a false (or mostly false) identity on a internet forum to cause trouble (I have never done that, and never well. In fact the only thing false about me is that I use my gay name as opposed to my birth name…but I’ve insisted people call me Simon since I saw the super sexy Simon le Bon in the Rio video in the 80s…so sorry reddit, I’m real). No reddit uses troll as a further way to dehumanize me. They have called me beast, or the wonderful derivatives eatbeast and obeast) and planet or hamplanet. Why do the do this? Because they can’t handle that I exist. When small minded people are confronted with a new reality they doubt its existence. How many years did white Europeans continue to think the earth was flat after Columbus came to America (and this was THOUSANDS of years after tribes in Africa and Asia were conducting annual trade trips with tribes in America). Well the people of the fat hate reddits are nothing better than flat earth Europeans. They can’t imagine that someone can be healthy, happy, and live a full life as a fat gay man. So they do what they do…they dehumanize me. Pretend that I don’t exist.

Well, reddit fatlogic/fathate, I am here. Deal with it.


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