I will officially move to Canada if Republicans win today

I flat our refuse to live in a country where a party as hateful as the Republicans can be in any sort of power. I am making the official announcement today, that if in fact the Republicans win the house and senate I will move to Canada.

Why you ask:

1. I cherish freedom most of all. I cherish the right of all people to do whatever they want. I cherish the right to be free from hateful speech and bullying. I cherish the right to be free from gun violence no matter when and where they are.

2. The Republicans are essentially the Nazi party. Yes this gets thrown around a lot but a study I read that was done at UC San Louis Ebispo, a group of students figured out that the current Republican party are more like the Nazis of 1930s Germany than any other party in the world. This includes the parties who have the word Nazi in their name!!

3. I think rich, privileged people should pay about a 75%-90% tax rate. They have gotten away with far too much for far too long.

4. I am a gay man. I fear for my safety in a country run by what are essentially Republican thugs.

So if they do win…does anyone have any recommendations on which city I should live in?


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