I’m beginning to think that EVERYONE is incompetent

trigger warning: anti gay slurs in English and Spanish.

Today I am supposed to be moving from my wonderful apartment/condo in downtown San Diego to a nice lil’ studio in Chula Vista. Read past blogs and you will understand why, its not fair and its not my choice. Perhaps not seeing the ocean and hearing the booming bass from low-riders 25 hours a day will do wonders for my mental health (need a font for sarcasm, really, really bad).

I am disabled. As much as I want to work and be productive, I just can’t. I have destroyed knees, bad hips and my ankles feel like they are toothpicks held together by rubber bands. So with all that I should be high up on the joint replacement list but fat shaming doctors refuse to interpret x-rays and MRIs correctly and don’t think I need to have my joints replaced. Wow, that got me off an aside…anyways:

So I can’t work. So if I can’t work I can’t move my stuff. And to be totally honest, since I’m being forced to move, I don’t fucking WANT to move my stuff. So being the wonderful mother that she is, Mother dipped into her own secret checking account and is paying a moving company to do the work for me. Unbeknownst to Admiral Asshole (my father) or course.

Well these fucking pieces of shit have already managed to fall behind schedule, get in my way, and be generally rude shitty assholes all day. I now have my Iphone capturing both video and audio  because when the first got here, I swear I heard the smaller one say “El gordo pendejo es un maricon” (tw here: “the fat idiot is a faggot”). Thank god for the iphone6 and its 64G of memory because I would love to get these idiots and their company in a lawsuit for hate crimes. And thank god I paid cursory attention to the names the Chicano homeboys used to call me during my delightful public school experience.

So far nothing is broken that I know of, but there is no way they are finishing this today so it looks like I’m begging Mother for the money to sleep in a hotel as my Tempurpedic is already on the truck.

So welcome to my own personal hell.


6 thoughts on “I’m beginning to think that EVERYONE is incompetent

  1. Mich

    I did not realize you had a blog. Your life is like living hell. I’m so sorry for you. I am able to work, but it’s only p/t as of now, and I can’t get anything else. I don’t know whether it’s the anti-Semitism or fat phobia, I always thought it was the religion but recently I’ve thought maybe it’s the fat issue too. 😦


    1. loveandangryandfats Post author

      I don’t post often. It usually just ends up being how much I truly hate my father which makes me sound like an awful person.

      I wish I were younger because I would love to go back to school and really study how the intersectionality of all the issues such as fat hate, religious intolerance, gay rights, trans rights, etc… all come together. For me its always been dealing with the fat hate first, then the anti-gay discrimination (which has improved so, so much since I knew I was really gay in the 80s).

      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! Since the reddit people found out about me all I think nearly everyone to comment has been a troll.


      1. Mich

        Yes, reddit is evil. I read your comments on Ragen’s blog, and noticed by chance that your name had a link (not black like mine), and I discovered your blog. I used to do a blogger, but keeping it up was too much like a diary, and I joined LJ only to post and join communities, so it has 3 posts (whenver they threaten to ditch it since I never post).


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